Iconic Joy® Liquid Dish Brand Expands Into Auto-Dishwashing With The New Joy Blast™

Joy® is no longer just for the sink. The iconic household dishwashing liquid is expanding into the auto-dish category with the introduction of Joy Blast™, a triple-power auto-dishwashing pac.

Joy Blast™ incorporates a degreasing agent, rinse aid and powder detergent while also fighting negative effects of hard water minerals that are known to cause stains, spotting on dishes and filming on glass. With premium cleaning capability across the entire spectrum of stains and surfaces, the Joy Blast™ is high performance with high value.

Efficient in quick wash cycles with no pre-wash needed, Joy Blast™ makes running the dishwasher the economic and environmental choice.  Created with plant-based and biobased ingredients, Joy Blast™ contains no phosphates or chlorine and comes in recyclable packaging.

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